Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Cool Change

The garden is looking wonderful even though few eyes have seen its colors. Volunteers are back in the motions of stepping up plants for future areas, tending the various collections, and awaiting new tasks. The cool weather has nipped a few tropical plants while the vast majority has enjoyed a subtropical slowdown. Staff is enjoying the chilly days and slower weed germination as well.

Garden construction has really made progress with the dry conditions overriding the past mud bog. Lakes have taken shape, perimeter plantings are going in, and the gardens hard-scapes are already being poured. Raymond Jungles visited the site recently and was thrilled at the advancements. Brazil’s spectacular tree line arbor is quickly taking shape. Below this arbor is where the mosaic wall by Roberto Burle Marx (pictured) will be displayed. “The mosaic will be visible from the Bayshore road entry!” Raymond proclaimed.

The current mosaic garden will receive several renovations, such as a new entry and removal of large and crowded trees. The garden staff is busy root pruning trees and removing understory plantings located in these areas so they can be moved into future bosques and garden perimeters. We are open this month on the 17th, 19th and 24th for a distant peek at the construction and to enjoy the tropical mosaic garden.

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